Railroad Scale Testing

All States Rail Scale Testing offers rail scale testing for railroads in Colorado, Nebraska, and eastward. Rail scale testing isn’t being supplied by railroads like it used to be. In fact, many railroads are eliminating rail scale testing. All States Rail Scale Testing can provide you with accurate railroad scale testing.

We cover railroads from the Colorado mountain pass, through Nebraska, South Dakota, and Kansas and across the middle of the United States.

Mobile Test Unit

We work side by side with engineers to design a custom-made device specifically made to calibrate railroad track scales of any manufacturer. Our mobile test unit can provide a timely response for scale breakdowns and other emergencies. All States Rail Scale Testing is bondable and fully insured.

Our test weights are certified yearly and are NIST Traceable. At All States Rail Scale Testing, we relieve the headache of scheduling. We will contact you and the appropriate state agency and take care of all scheduling for you. We also fill out all necessary reports and send them to both the railroad and the state agency.

Rail Scale Testing Certifications

State Certifications:

All States Rail Scale Testing can certify you railroad track scale to meet the standards of your state. Keep your scale legal-for-trade and capable of staying in production with rail scale testing from All States Rail Scale.

Service Agreements:

All States Rail Scale Testing will be there when you need certification. Instead of waiting for the Rail Roads schedule, you can rest assured we will be there at your demand. With local, certified scale technicians, you can trust that you will get fast, accurate scale service when you need it most.

No Paperwork. Just Certification

Another great benefit All States Rail Scale Testing has to offer is the elimination of paperwork. Our technicians will submit the necessary test reports to the state so all you have to worry about is conducting your business as normal.

All States Rail Testing rail division is certified coast-to-coast with the ability to service your railroad wherever your rail business may take you. Our railroad scale testing technicians are standing by to service any of your rail scales that may need testing.

All States Rail Scale Testing can perform your annual Railroad Track Scale Certification. We offer 24 hour technical support on all our scales. Give us a call today to get your railroad scale tested and ensure it is working properly.

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